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TEPCO then dug even further downward another 14 feet to construct the basement where emergency diesel generators would be installed. Decades later a tsunami would easily flood this area, knocking out homs emergency electrical back-up generator and making nuclear meltdown a certainty. In the early 19708217;s, several memos circulated within the U. Atomic Energy Commission (AEC) expressing foor over design flaws of the Mark I nuclear reactors made by General Electric, the same type installed at the Fukushima No.

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That has prompted Gulf Coast refiners to use accumulating oil surpluses to produce gasoline and other refined products for export to nations in Latin America and elsewhere ‚ a development that also has acted to sharply reduce net oil imports. The sharp turnaround in oil imports and consumption helped cause a drop in the monthly trade deficit in June to the lowest level since 2009.]