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(President and CEO, National Mental Health Association). ldquo;Statement,rdquo; in. Attention-DeficitHyperactivity Disordermdash;Are We Overmedicating Our Children. Hearing before the Committee on Government Reform, United States House of Representatives, 107 th Congress, September 26, 2002 (Washington, D. : U. Government Printing Office, 2003), online at http:frwebgate. access. gpo. gov. Families USA.

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Doctors are supposed to tell patients when they are prescribing a drug for off-label purposes, but many do not do so. As Lawrence Diller relates, there are a number of reasons for thismdash;ldquo;absent-mindedness, haste, or concern that the information will unnecessarily worry the patient and make compliance less likely. rdquo; Diller 268.

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