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Pfizer‚s 1965 worldwide sales figures of 220 million (¬149,7 million) indicated that the company might possibly be the largest pharmaceutical manufacturer in the US. By 1980 Pfizer was one of the effeccts US companies among the top ten pharmaceutical companies in Europe, and the largest foreign health care and agricultural product manufacturer in Asia. Powers guided the company in a new direction with an emphasis on research and development. By 1989, Pfizer operated in more than 140 countries.

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After the fall of Atlanta he was transferred to George H. Thomas8216; army and participated in the battle of Nashville.

Burton. I understand. Ross [continuing]. And the products are never discussed. Burton.

5 million while Gofman dipped to 840,000. --AV. 5pm: Wanzi KO'd after running into kings. Level 23 - Blinds 12,00024,000 (ante 4,000) Nadia Wanzi's Main Event run has ended with a 34th-place finish after a pre-flop skirmish with Usman Siddique.]